Rapid Control Prototype(RCP)

LinearX ADSD KIT (Auto Driving System Development Kit) is a software and hardware integrated development kit specially created by LinearX Technology for autonomous driving domain controllers. This development kit can help developers quickly enter the actual vehicle verification stage, accelerate the autonomous driving R&D process, and reduce the capital investment and technical threshold of autonomous driving research and development.

Development Kt Hardware

Hardware composition

The hardware part of LinearX ADSD KIT integrates Infineon's automotive-grade security domain control MCU TC397 and NVIDIA's high-computing power autonomous driving SoC Orin. Mainly consists of 5 parts.


MCU Board

Infineon TC397 builds functional safety platform


SoC Board

NVIDIA Orin builds performance platform


Camera Board

Receive camera signal and deserialize it


Ethernet Switch

Gigabit Ethernet enables high-speed and stable communication between MCU and SoC


Main Board

Power management and CAN transceiver



Support autonomous driving algorithm verification and development


Comply with current mainstream domain control architecture requirements

Rapid deployment

Support autonomous vehicle deployment and debugging

Rapid deployment

Support various basic software such as ROS or AP to be flexibly customized and replaced to quickly respond to various POC or SOP projects


The development process complies with ASPICE standards and ISO26262 Functional safety process


This device 240 mm* 210 mm* 7 5. 8 mm (W*D*H) is small, lightweight and easy to move and disassemble

Product Parameters