SafeDDS products provide the MCU side with a DDS communication protocol stack that meets OMG standards to achieve communication in multi-core heterogeneous systems. SafeDDS can be seamlessly integrated into the AUTOSAR CP platform and meets the AUTOSAR DDS on CP standard specifications.

Program overview

SafeDDS products are mainly used in service-based communication and data exchange between sensing, decision-making and other functions (SOC side) and control modules (MCU side) in autonomous driving systems to achieve efficient real-time data transmission and synchronization and ensure collaborative work between modules. , improve the safety and reliability of autonomous driving systems. A DDS code generator is also designed in the product to generate DDS dynamic code, simplify user operations and improve development efficiency.


Software and hardware decoupling
High security
Multi-source heterogeneous data
Multiple scene requirements
QoS is determined at compile time
Compatible with OMG standards
High scalability and maturity
Fine-grained memory partitioning