Tech. empowers customers, navigate safe-mobility

Tech. empowers customers, navigate safe-mobility

LinearX Technology
Co-Creation Security Agile Software Platform Accelerate the landing of intelligent products

LinearX Technology focuses on platform software development in the field of smart cars, especially middleware and basic software. Based on key deterministic technologies and rich embedded system experience, we hope to provide customers with our security and SOA products, establishing reliable, secure, real-time optimal interconnection methods in complex heterogeneous mid-architecture systems, such as MCUs and current SoCs or cross-domain controllers. At the same time, we also work with customers in various application scenarios such as AD/ADAS, EE, and chassis to create secure, SOA-enabled, scalable, and open software platform solutions or operating system.

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From March 12th to 14th, 2024, the "2024 Fifth Software-Defined Automotive Forum and AUTOSAR China Day" was co-sponsored by …


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On March 29, the battery division of the "White Paper on the Digital Transformation of the Lithium Battery Industry" was hosted by …


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From December 13th to 15th, the 7th Gaogong Intelligent Vehicle Annual Conference and Gaogong Golden Globe Awards Ceremony …


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Technology Sharing

Technology Sharing is an information base for LinearX technology knowledge sharing. Technology sharing involves middleware technology, mass production services, real-time systems, tool chains, and different CICD technology stacks.

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