Program overview

SomeIP-DDS_Converter is a relatively independent plug-in that follows the Adaptive AUTOSAR standard and adopts a service-oriented architecture. It provides another idea for debugging SomeIP. It converts SomeIP data into DDS data and then transmits the data through DDS. transmitted out.

Product Features

Spawn Process

This plug-in can automatically generate the SomeIP-DDS_Converter process

Generative Modeling

Based on the modeling information of the SomeIP message, generate the idl file of the corresponding DDS message

Send and Receive Codes

Code to generate messaging for DDS


Able to parse arxml files and parse out data related to the SomeIP message

Code Conversion

Generate code for one-to-one conversion of SomeIP message data and DDS message data

Product Advantages

Simple and flexible migration
Code is generated based on the model
Two-way data sending and receiving
Shared DDS debugging tools

Application Scenarios

AP products that only support someip communication

At present, some mainstream AP products only support some IP communications and are relatively lacking in debugging, data collection, data playback and other tools. ros2 provides more debugging, data collection, and playback tools to convert some IP messages into DDS messages. You can use Various debugging tools provided by ros2.

Products that support mutual conversion between someip and dds

Current MCUs support SomeIP or DDS communication methods, but SOC does not support the corresponding communication methods. Data can be transferred through this product.

Products that only support someip communication

For existing middleware products that support SomeIP message communication, you can also add the SomeIPto DDS plug-in to add more debugging methods.