Deterministic Communication PowerDC

PowerDC products are designed for heterogeneous cross-domain communication, especially to meet the inter-chip communication requirements between vehicle-mounted high-computing chips (SoC) and traditional vehicle-mounted chips (MCU), ensuring communication quality and meeting real-time, security, The requirements of certainty and reliability ensure stable communication in application scenarios such as autonomous driving.

Mature and stable
Compatible with RTE interface
Compatible with DDS interface
Functional safety

Supported Protocols

  • ARINC 664 Part 7

  • SAE AS6802 (TTE)

  • IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet)

  • IEEE 802.11 AS/Qav/Qbv (TSN)

Supported OS

  • QNX

  • RTOS


  • VxWorks


PowerDC Architecture Diagram

PowerDC provides the RTE interface of Classic AUTOSAR and the aracom interface of Adaptive AUTOSAR also provides a signal-to-service (S2S) mapping function to support the seamless transition from EE architecture to SOA architecture in the future